Excellent Dealer

Hello Jim: I already got my dream guitar and so happy to have her. I also registered on line at Taylor guitar website and rated you as an excellent dealer. Thank you so and God bless.
Vilma C

A Little Beauty

Hi Jim The Taylor arrived this afternoon, and I nervously opened the case to find a little beauty! I'm over the moon with the purchase, it's beautifully made and has just the kind of bright sound that I like, just sounds fantastic, makes it sound as though I can actually play! Thanks again for all your help and efforts it's been much appreciated.
Best wishes Michael

Wonderful Service

Hi Jim, The guitar arrived safe and sound yesterday, it's beautiful and sounds wonderful. I just got back from worship practice and played it thru the PA. Gorgeous! Thank you so much, I will treasure this guitar for years to come. Thanks again for the wonderful service, I will definitely recommend you! God bless!
Scott S

Great Price

Hi Jim, Just want to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying my 410. Thanks for providing me a great guitar at a great price. Very Sincerely,
Jim H

PERFECT Condition

I met Jim from Guitar Rodeo through ebay and as a result I contacted him at his toll free number in Minneapolis, MN. We agreed on a price for the purchase of a beautiful brand new Taylor 614ce guitar which had not been listed with ebay. I paid him and the guitar was shipped the same day. It arrived here in ten days later in PERFECT condition. I am a retired Canadian Mountie and cautious as to whom I deal with on the internet regarding money transactions. Jim's integrity, honesty and professionalism were evident through his emails and telephone conversations. A great guy to deal with! If I ever get to Minneapolis I will definitely be dropping by.
Later, Eric

Almost Too Good to Be True

The 414ce arrived Tuesday as scheduled. My son is thrilled and you were right -- it's a beauty. We really appreciate the service you provided. At first there was a part of me that felt your offer was almost too good to be true, but you delivered and now my son has a guitar that could satisfy him for a lifetime. Thanks again.
Jim F

Lucky Day

Jim just thought you should know. I received the guitar last Friday. (9/9) There are no words to describe how happy I truly am. I think back 3 months to that phone conversation we had and think of it as my "lucky day". By the way, I must have misplaced the card that was inside the case with the name of the strings on it. Can you tell me the name of the string Company? (I know they're light gauge) Better yet. If you have them, send me 6 packs and bill my credit card. (I'm in no hurry). Thanks again.
Doug D

Greatest Guitar Ever

OH MY GOSH!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST GUITAR EVER!!!!I took it out of the box plug it directly into the pa and did a little eq'ing and lead worship for a hour last night, it was HUGE sounding. Can you quote me a price on a 12 string 300 and 400 series? Thanks so much Jim, I look forward to buying more guitars off you in the future and anyone and everyone I can send to you. God bless!

Arrived Safe and Sound

Hi Jim-Just in case you didn't get my phone message, I just wanted you to know that the guitar arrived safe and sound, and I am more than pleased with it, as well as the price and service that you delivered. I hope to do business with you in the future! Thanks again,
Dave B

This Guitar Wants to Sing

Hi Jim, My Taylor 314ce arrived today, Thursday Dec. 15th. It arrived in great condition, I tuned it up and thought I'd play it for a few minutes after I got home from work. It was there waiting for me after the ups delivery. The only problem was that a few minutes turned into an hour and a half, as the sun was setting on this brisk December afternoon. This guitar wants to sing. The sustain, the balance, the tone... it's great. Thanks for sending it. I don't want to put it down. In fact, I want to play it more even now writing about it. I just had to send you a note. Thanks also for the Damp-it, strings, and strap. Also, the XLR cord was a delight to receive. I wasn't expecting that. I need to get a TRS phone plug adaptor for the matching input. I'll look locally for it. Thanks again, from a happy picker...
Dan G

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Guitar

Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know that I have registered my new 810. What a sweet, sweet, sweet guitar! Absolutely the best guitar I have ever owned and I have owned two Martins. I love the look, the sound, the way it talks to me. To anyone thinking of purchasing a guitar on the internet for the best quality and cost, I have but one suggestion. You only have to make one contact and that is with Jim at Guitar Rodeo. Looking forward to purchasing a new 914ce just as soon as I can get the funds, and by the way, I won't be trading in this beauty. Thanks Jim, best regards to fellow player. David

Service and Price Outstanding

I wanted to let you know what a great experience I had buying my Taylor guitar from Jim at Guitar Rodeo. Service and price were outstanding. After a couple of weeks I decided my GA8 was a bit too bright, and I really wanted a GA7. Jim was great about taking the GA8 back in on trade for the GA7. For anyone in the market for a guitar, I highly recommend you check out Guitar Rodeo. I’ve been playing, buying and selling guitars for 30+ years. Jim is my 1st stop for all my future guitar needs.
Joe L

Honest Business

I do know what to do sir. I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much for being a pleasant, honest business person to deal with. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated dealing with you. Rest assured I'm trying to funnel any guitar customers I know directly to you. The 426 is so awesome, what a gorgeous, sweet sounding guitar. I had no idea how much it would sing during a good strumming. Take care and God bless, Jim.

He loves it...

Thank you – my husband loves the guitar!


It Got Here

Hey Jim,
I thought I would let you know that it got here safe and sound. I am so happy to be finally playing with it. It was all thanks to you. Thank you so much for the amazing service and price. My future purchases will always be from guitarrodeo. Have a great day! Minwoo


I have been playing guitar for 20 years and I can say that I don’t like shopping for guitars. I don’t like the salesperson hovering over me and then giving me salespitches to buy junk. I like Taylor guitars and I like Guitar Rodeo. It is every players' dream. Jim knows what he is talking about and understands your needs. I bought a T5 from him and would definitely recommend him to everyone. It’s unusual when a quality product can be matched with quality service, but Jim does it perfectly. Thanks again Jim.

Great Experience

Another great experience with Jim. I was in the market for a good acoustic, so I stopped by Guitar Rodeo. Jim let me try out every guitar I could find. I got to really spend time with the instruments and got a good feel for them. NO PRESSURE! NO SALES PITCH! He answered all my questions and told me about the guitars. I walked out with a 514ce at a great price! I definitely would recommend getting guitars from this guy.

The Best There Is

Hi Jim, Your new website is outstanding; the industry leader. Photography is the best there is, especially with the zoom feature. Layout is logical and easily navigable. Really, a first rate effort.. No other guitar online retail site can come close to your overall product. No response necessary, Jim. I wanted you to know that people have noticed how great the new site is. I hope it works very well for you. Sonny

RT Style 1

´╗┐Just wanted to write and say thanks again for your help with my new RT Style 1. It arrived in perfect shape. I have enjoyed getting to know it over the last couple of weeks and comparing the sound to my other Taylor guitars. I have noticed that is has a very clear articulate sound; you can really hear the individual notes when picking through various chords. It will be interesting to hear how the sound matures over time. I have read that the Adi takes a little longer to break in. All in all, I am very happy. I like your new website and the changes you made. I will keep an eye out for what the Spring and Fall Limiteds are for this year. I was intrigued with the 12-fret models (especially the GA shape) when I played a few last year. Have you had a lot of requests for that model either in the standard GC shape or as a BTO? It was great working with you and hope to stay in touch.

Safe and sound

Guitar arrived safe and sound this afternoon. I spent the last couple hours playing and hey - it's beautiful. Smooth smooth action - I love it. Tone is gorgeous and full and rich. Just a bit different than my Spring '09 416. It will be fun switching back and forth. Dan


Hi Jim
I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me purchase my first Taylor guitar.  The Taylor Doyle DDX guitar arrived today and I pulled it out of the case and started playing.   What a beautiful guitar and what a great sound.  I never dreamed I would ever own such a nice guitar and thank you so much for the Taylor hard case that it came with.  You have made me a very happy person and you've put a smile on my face that just won't quit.  Thank You ever so much!

In tune when it arrived...

Received the guitar this morning.  You know a quality guitar when it can travel 2500 miles and arrive perfectly in tune.  Only able to play a few minutes as I am at work, but guitar is magnificent and I foresee a long lasting and rewarding relationship forming. Thanks for the great price, great communication, and fast shipping. Guitar Rodeo Company is the Best! Justin

Santa Cruz Custom D-12

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my new D-12.  The wait was well worth it.  The tone of this brand new guitar is amazing.  The mid range is pronounced and the sustain is more than I could ever ask for!  So lightly built the wood reacts in such a wonderful way with every note.  The fit and finish is superb.  I had no doubts that it would be top quality but I still find myself looking at the lines of this guitar up close in amazement.  The custom carved neck was done to perfection.  In the back of my head while waiting on the build I wondered how close to the specs you would get.  Let me just say I didn't even have to measure because there is no question you made it perfectly to spec (really, job well done).  I will continue to break this beauty in and enjoy it for the long haul.  Please let the appropriate people know they have another satisfied customer.  This being my first SCGC I will surely be back to review other models when the time comes for my next purchase.  Thanks again for all your patience and delivering such a wonderful instrument to my home. Joe

BTO Celtic Tiger

Hi Jim
The Celtic Tiger arrived safe and sound, wow!!! What a super fast delivery . What an exceptional guitar, like velvet in my hands, it is a remarkable work of art. It like having a new baby in the house ..... you sit and look at the wonderful wood grains and then you nurse it for hours, and I have five children! Well six now. My Martins and Matons are poor cousins now. Thank you again for your help and knowledgeable input and the Guitar Rodeo's superior service. My guitaring mates will be seeking you out from Brisbane Australia once the they see this Masterpiece. All the best, until next time! Cheers Terry


Hi Jim

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the great service in sending me my beautiful Taylor 616ce. It was all that you said it was and more, sounds great, plays great, and looks great. You have a thankful and new loyal customer. Joe


A Taylor 618e now sits in my music room... Arrived in perfect condition tue morning here. Fabulous guitar... Great price... Great service... Thanks Jim.... Cameron, Australia

Custom Martin D-35

Finally I was now able to purchase my 'Dream Guitar'.  I checked out a few acoustical guitar stores and just couldn't settle in on any one particular guitar.  I was checking out Taylors and they had the volume I was looking for but not the pure depth and unabated richness I just had to have. So with my head in a bit of a stupor, I decided to go on line where I was immediately drawn in by a very unique guitar shop called the PODIUM.  I knew I had to check this place out.  I needed my dream to come true, and I was hoping this could be the place to accommodate that ! The moment I walked in the door I was greeted by Cecelia with a bubbling personality and a beautiful smile.  She knew her stuff.  She sat me down in a private room and set out four guitar stands.  She ushered in beautiful acoustical guitars, one at a time, and shared her wisdom and experience with me.  She put me at ease and this enabled me to make a great choice on a beautiful Martin D-35 collectors edition.  I fell in love with this beautiful instrument.  The Chords rang out like singing angels to my ears. Before I made my final decision I went back to store #1 and checked out the Taylors once again. They just didn't compare and I knew I had to make one more trip back to the PODIUM.  Cecelia was on break and Jim took over.  He continued to answer every question I had and his experience and knowledge was impressive to say the least.  He put on a new set of strings and did a little adjustment on the Martin to assure me it was leaving his shop ready to go and be played. The sound and  pure pleasure of playing this guitar is just awesome.  It's going to improve my ability just playing this Martin ..  cause I love playing this guitar more than I could have imagined.  A special thanks to the Podium for helping me make my dream come true. 

12 Fret Custom

Hi Jim! Well, I picked the guitar up from my neighbor last night, and it was worth every minute of the wait! Gorgeous! The walnut is beautifully figured, and exactly as I imagined; the vintage sunburst is deep and even; the fit is perfect; and the sound—you were right—open and clean, subdued and articulate while fingerpicking, but surprisingly loud and slow to break-up with flat-pick strumming! I think it sounds as open as my 2006 GSRS, and its brand new from the factory! I can't wait to see how this thing matures!  Thanks again for all your patience and help with the build. This has been fantastic, and I couldn't be happier with the results! If I have my eye on anything in the future, you will be the first place I call. Eric


Hey Jim,
The 12 fret is really working out great.  I can't believe how much angelic sound comes from that little box. I believe today it took on a more mature sound.  Is that  what they call opening up? Just thought I 'd let you know how happy I am with the BTO program and your help it putting this gem together.