Santa Cruz D Pre-War -SOLD-

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Santa Cruz D Pre-War Description: This is the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor version of a Dreadnought guitar. It isn't fancy, it looks pretty understated, but you can't get away from it. This Santa Cruz D-PW has pre-war X-bracing, which gives it a lot of bass without sacrificing the mid range presence. These guitars are journeymen rated all around excellent flat pick tools. They do the job, and then some. If you were John Fahey, you might have played one of these had you known about it, instead of one of those "other" guitars. If you were John Fahey, you would have very much liked the response you got when you finger picked a D-PW. I know you are not John Fahey, and if you are confused about who he was, it would be worth your time to find out more about him. He was a pioneer finger stylist who favored dreadnought body guitars and played the heck out of them. He would have preferred the D-PW. I'm just sayin'....

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Product Specs

Body Back Stripe None
Body Binding Black
Fingerboard Binding Black
Fingerboard Inlay 2mm Dots
Fingerboard Side Dots White
Finish: Back & Sides Clear Nitro Cellulose
Finish: Neck Clear Nitro Cellulose
Finish: Top Clear Nitro Cellulose
Neck Headstock Inlay SCGC
Neck Overlay Material Indian Rosewood
Neck Peghead Solid Square
Neck Peghead Binding None
Setup: Pickguard Tortoise
Setup: Tuners/Gears SCGC Nickel
Top Bracing/Voicing Scalloped/Advanced X
Top Purfling Violin Purfle Combo
Top Rosette Violin Purfle Combo
Top Wood Type Sitka Spruce
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Santa Cruz D Pre-War -SOLD-
  • Santa Cruz D Pre-War -SOLD-
  • Santa Cruz D Pre-War -SOLD-
  • Santa Cruz D Pre-War -SOLD-
  • Santa Cruz D Pre-War -SOLD-
  • Santa Cruz D Pre-War -SOLD-
  • Santa Cruz D Pre-War -SOLD-