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  • The state of the state of guitars

    The guitar market has been soft for the past couple of years. Millennials don't play guitar, they play their smart phones. People are nervous about life in general and the weirdness that seems to be afoot these days. They should try some guitar therapy. Works for us. Keeps your mind off your troubles and stimulates [...]

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  • Hanging with Doc

    Back in the sixties (Millennials can stop reading here....) my older brother told me there was an amazing guitar player coming to town, the town being Ann Arbor. The guitarist was blind and not to be missed. We went a half an hour early and were second in line. I got to sit directly in [...]

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  • The perfect guitar

    Cecelia and I were discussing one of the most endearing traits we see in many of our customers. This is the Podium regular who finds a guitar and proclaims "This is the last guitar I am going to buy (need, find, play, etc.)". So he (usually, but sometimes she) figures out how to bend the [...]

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  • The state of the market...

    We have been observing the guitar market as a whole since we became the Podium back in 2013. To say that 2013 was a tumultuous year for Guitar Rodeo/The Podium is to understate the obvious.... We started the year as a top-five Taylor dealer (fifth year in a row) who also carried Santa Cruz, Huss [...]

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  • Santa Cruz Finger Style

    The Podium took in a Finger Style last week from our pals at Santa Cruz Guitars. We always try to get these as someone is always trying to find one. This particular FS is one of, or possibly the, best one(s) we have had come through the shop. The work is flawless of course. The [...]

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  • The Podium

    We are the high point of chaos here, getting up to speed on being The Podium. Taylor guitars has changed the direction for their on-line business and Guitar Rodeo is not included in the new plan. This gives us the freedom to become The Podium without sanction or hindrance. We are focusing on the small [...]

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  • The Podium joins Guitar Rodeo

    "The Podium lives! The Podium will continue to serve the premium acoustic guitar community and move it's location the existing Guitar Rodeo Company storefront. Effective July 1, The Podium will be found at 4151 Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis. All of our phone and internet contact information remains the same, as does our selection of fine [...]

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  • Banjo Chronicles

    In the late 1970's, I was recruited by Ted Unseth, the leader of The Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra, for the position of rhythm banjo and guitarist. My main qualification was the fact I owned a banjo. No matter that it was a 5-string banjo (typically, either a tenor or plectrum banjo would be used for this type [...]

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  • Performance chops

    Being the lead or solo performer requires good performance skills. Being a good side man (person) does not necessarily mean you have to have good performance skills but you do have to have basic stage presence. From the standpoint of personal evolution as it pertains to your music skills, any type of performance experience will [...]

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  • Cold Weather Guitar Shipping

    Have you ever worried about buying a guitar online because of the weather conditions that it may be exposed to on the way to your doorstep? Here are a few pointers to guide you through ordering a guitar in the winter.

    Be familiar with the finish on the guitar you order. Taylor guitars have an extremely durable [...]

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