The state of the market...

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We have been observing the guitar market as a whole since we became the Podium back in 2013. To say that 2013 was a tumultuous year for Guitar Rodeo/The Podium is to understate the obvious.... We started the year as a top-five Taylor dealer (fifth year in a row) who also carried Santa Cruz, Huss & Dalton, Breedlove and sundry others. The opportunity to become The Podium was a no-brainer. I had cut my teeth in the guitar industry back in the seventies at The Podium. I knew all the owners through the years. They had lost their building and it just made sense to meld the two entities. So in July, we struck the deal and now I had to sort out how to manage the available space and fit Martin, Taylor, Collings, Eastman, Goodall, Kennedy, Lowden, Bourgeois, Kopp, Fairbanks, Hoffman, etc., etc. into our existing shop. A week later, I learned that Taylor had been working on this problem independently when they ended the dealer relationships of a half dozen of us smaller, web-oriented dealers in favor of supporting larger stores. Soon after, Martin and Collings decided they would just as soon increase their presence with a couple of existing shops and not move with the Podium to the new location. Space problem significantly solved. At almost the same moment as all this drama was taking place, the market shifted. Aging Boomers started to thin their collections and the guitar market started seeing many more used instruments than normal. Sales of new guitars slowed as options to buy nice used instruments increased. We had slipped on the right banana peel and found ourselves consigning more guitars to accommodate the new market. It is a good time to buy a fine used instrument and a good time to consign your surplus high-end git-tar.

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