The Incredible 12-Fret

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We have had a lot of 12-fret Taylor guitars through here last year and they are proving popular in 2013 too. With the short scale neck meeting the body at the 12th instead of 14th fret, the guitar is really easy to hold and play. The bridge gets moved toward the center of the face of the guitar with this arrangement. This has a profound effect on the presence and voice of these guitars. They sound big, like Dreadnought big, and the voice is full, unlike what we have come to expect from small body guitars. These are special instruments and folks who enjoy an intimate connection with their guitar will appreciate these very much. Read some of our customer testimonials below...

"My Custom all-mahogany “12-fretter” is very responsive to the touch, both dynamic and gentle.  It has a richness overlaying the typical all-mahogany woodiness. It’s great in both standard and dropped tunings, open and capo-ed all the way up to 7, it’s a wonderful finger-style instrument, but also takes well to strumming. It’s surprisingly light, and is very comfortable to play. Oh, and it’s positively GORGEOUS!

If you buy one of GR’s specials, or tweak the design with a BTO, you will be impressed."


"The first thing I noticed about my new BTO 12 Fret All Mahogany guitar was how light and easy to play it is.  The Grand Concert body style, combined with the short scale, 12 fret neck make the guitar incredibly comfortable to play.  The sound is very full and warm, and it makes a good compliment to my other Taylor ( a 414ce).  Oh, and it looks great too.  The mahogany edge burst finish is beautiful."


"In a word, it is wonderful. In two words, it’s surprisingly wonderful. I never thought that a small body guitar could deliver the richness and bass that this guitar has produced straight from the factory. Now that it has begun to open up a bit it is even better and gaining steam by the day. I want to thank you particularly for suggesting the redwood/mahogany combination. Those woods, combined with the more central bridge position give this guitar a low end resonance and mid-range complexity that rivals any OM guitar I have ever played, including several boutique builds. Even better, the short scale and Taylor’s superb standard neck make this guitar feel like it is playing itself. It’s a wonderful and intimate little guitar that has become the one I reach for when I just want to sit on the couch and noodle. I also have decided though to add electronics because it is so versatile that I want to play out with it.

As usual, the BTO experience with Guitar Rodeo was unsurpassed. It means a great deal to me to have you as a resource because of you knowledge of Taylor guitars and your familiarity with the ins and outs of the BTO program. After all these years you understand my preferences and playing style so well that you are able to recommend the build options that were perfect for what I was trying to accomplish.

Thanks again for the insight and superb service."




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