• Spotlight: Bourgeois 00 Custom Spalted Gum

    This little guy is built with Spalted Gum back and sides and an Adirondack top. The Adi top lends clarity to the bass with an even response and a woody tone reminiscent of Mahogany or Walnut. Everyone agrees that it sounds much bigger than a 00.

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  • Classical Guitars

    Our premium classical guitar selection has grown to be one of the most comprehensive in Minnesota. From concert classicals like new and used Kakos (pictured), Bernabe, and Manzanero, to quality imports from New World, we have something for every level of player.

    Classical and Nylon String


  • Bourgeois Guitars

    Dana Bourgeois has mastered the art of selection and the voicing of superior tonewoods. Our current selection of his guitars demonstrates his abilities, including this stunning Brazilian OMC called "The Soloist"

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  • Kopp Guitars

    Kevin Kopp builds his guitars to 1930's-1940's Gibson standards after spending decades in the Gibson custom shop alongside Ren Ferguson and John Walker. Check them out. 

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...I already got my dream guitar and so happy to have her. I also registered online at Taylor guitar website and rated you as an excellent dealer...”
-Vilma C.

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